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"Where fit happens" "Where fit happens" "Where fit happens"




Hi, I'm Greg and I have been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2004. I have a passion for health, sports and fitness. I enjoy coaching and motivating others to live more active and healthier lifestyles. I have a lot of experience training a wide variety of people and abilities. Helping all ages tone up, lose weight, build strength and eat healthier. I help young athletes who want to improve their conditioning and performance on the court/field to seniors wanting to improve their balance, lower blood pressure, and maybe cut down a few strokes to their golf game by strengthening their golf game. I understand each person's goals, abilities, limitations, and motivation is different. I really enjoy customizing workouts for each person. It isn't a one program for all, there is a program for all! 


Be fit for life

Lack motivation? Tired of trying different fad workouts and diets you can't stick to? Getting hurt doing repetitive high impact excercises on your joints and muscles? Start a healthy fitness program that you can build a habit of and enjoy.

Training that's fun and challenging to help you reach your goals!

Functional - Resistance - Strength -  Cardio - Sport specific - Conditioning - Balance - Flexibility - Injury rehab - Muscle recovery therapy - Kick boxing - Nutrition 

Get results without the distractions you get at the gym! Train at Greg's home studio

You never have to worry if another trainer or member is  going to take your equipment in the middle of your circuit. You don't have to worry about someone sitting on their cell phone hogging the weights you want. Nobody in your way starring in the mirror at themselves and someone talking your ear off when you just want to workout. 

The studio has everything you need to tone up, lose weight, and build strength. And it will always be super clean! See the video for a tour. 

Jungle gym XT/TRX Back, bicep excercises

Fun body weight workout

Fun outdoor leg workout

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“I have been with Greg for 6 years.  I had no idea what I was getting into at first.  I thought I was in good shape…boy was I mistaken!  Greg got me started on a program and I’ve never looked back. He is thoughtful, and a pleasure to be with.  Greg knows just when to push me, when to encourage me, and when to motivate! At 65 years old, I had no idea that I’m as strong as I am. We recently moved here full time and I know that it would of been a lot tougher to do all that moving if I didn't have the strength and conditioning I do now. Thank you Greg!” – Kathy Brooks


"I have been training with Greg since 2011 and I believe he is one of the most knowledgeable and commited trainers out there. Greg is very punctual, always set up and ready with a plan, and mixes every single worlout so you never get bored! I workout three times a week with Greg doing small group and 1 on1. The boxing is one of my favorites too!! I recommend Greg to anyone looking to improve their fitness". -Annette Galloway


Before I met Greg I liked nothing about working out. Now I actually love it and look forward to our workouts! The first session we sat down and talked about my goals and limitations, then he designed a program for me. I had prior surgeries on my back and limited range of motion but Greg reasurred me that the exercises and workouts would be designed for my abilities and capabilities. And sure enough there have been zero issues and he always keeps the communication going to make sure Im good. I've made a lot of progress. Everytime Greg gives me a fun, new, rigorous workout. I am more motivated than ever thanks to him! I can't recommend him enough.

Tessa James


“Before I met Greg I was uncomfortable and unconfident about going to the gym. He helped me get over that and helped me pursue my big goals I had. With his help I was able to get down from 250lb to to 220lbs in just a few months. Next he motivated me to win a weight loss challenge by losing another 30 lbs in 8 weeks. Since that I was able to get down to 175 and lose a total of 75 lbs and more than 10 inches off my waist! Greg has continued to push me to get stronger, eat better and live a healthier life style. I highly recommend training with him!” – Neal Van Landenberg


“I’ve been training with Greg Haase for about 5 years with personal training and group fitness classes.  I have nothing but high praise for him. Greg takes the time to get to know everyone who comes in and is genuinely interested in helping you meet your fitness and nutritional goals.  Greg always makes sure you’re doing the exercise correctly to avoid injury and to maximize your effort.  He is knowledgeable in both physical training and nutrition.  His motivation style fits all personalities.” – Geoff Krakora


“Greg Haase is the best personal trainer in the valley! I find the workouts challenging yet achievable. I feel energized at the end of every session. The small group classes are fantastic. Greg doesn’t just stand around calling out directions. He spends time with everyone, correcting if needed, but more importantly, encouraging a strong work out. I love that the workouts are always different. There’s never a sense of being the same old thing over and over.” – Janine Morton


"I workout with a trainer for several reasons but two of the most important ones for me are #1, I want to be healthy and fit and #2, to feel good both mentally and physically.  Greg keeps me accountable in all these areas and I’ve been training with him for over 5 years. Before that I was bouncing around from unreliable trainers. I have some physical health issues with my back, knees and shoulders having had several surgeries of which Greg is aware and modifies my workouts when needed to accommodate these.  I feel it is so important to feel confident that a trainer has knowledge and wisdom to know when to “push” me to do better and also when to just encourage.  Greg does these things well!  Over the years (and those are many :), I’ve had many trainers but honestly I’ve benefitted more from working with Greg while enjoying the time we spend together.  It’s got to be fun and interesting or else I wouldn’t be motivated.  Thanks Greg!!” – Suzie Stacy


 “I’ve been doing both 1 on 1 and group training sessions with Greg for about 5 years. He makes every minute of a 1 on 1 30 minute session count and I get the most out of my workout! The small group sessions are a great switch up in the routine and its fun to work with others! The workouts are always changing which keeps it fun and not sure what's next! He motivates and pushes you to do more each time but he’s also very aware of your limitations and will modify the exercises if need be. I’ve had trainers in the past and I didn’t last long because they didn’t keep me motivated. Greg does and I look forward to his workouts!!” – Dave Morton


Greg helped me tone up and lose weight immediately. He taught me to eat healthier and motivated me to become more active daily. I train with Greg 3 times a week and love the workouts! He is very positive and encouraging which is what I need. He is very friendly, engaging, and dedicated to helping others succeed. I highly recomend Greg as a personal trainer.

Minali Saxena


I started training with Greg at the beginning of 2018. I couldn't be more appreciative of what he has done for me. He gave me a balanced program of cardio, freeweights, cable weights, machines and body weight exercises. With his training and constant positive attitide I have lost over 30 lbs and have gained endurance, and strength beyond my expectations. I feel years younger now! I thank you Greg, I couldn't have done it without you.

Steve Jones


I've always hated working out on my own and have preferred having a trainer. Still, I got bored with prior programs and would stop being active again and again. I've enjoyed working with Greg the most. If you follow his instructions you will lose weight and tone up. Greg is really good at listening to your needs and any special issues. Make no mistake YOU have to do the work. He gives great nutrition advice and keeps you motivated. What I enjoy is that he makes it fun and changes things all the time. I have bad knees but he still comes up with plenty of exercises I can do that don't hurt me. Never boring!

Margaret McNeal


I really enjoyed Greg's style of training, his ability to get me out of my comfort zone, that he listened to what my goals were, not his, and his friendly demeanor throughout. I've carried with me what he tought and to do many fitness challenges. One of my cool adventures was hiking the Grand Canyon with him. I've also ran multiple marathon's. Greg will motivate you!!

Tom Ferris


Before I met Greg I was inconsistant going to the gym. My workouts were boring and I wasn't very motivated. I joined Snap Fitness  in 2010 and I began to pay attention to Greg's training methods and seeing the great results he was having with his clients. After a few months I took the plunge and asked Greg to help me. Greg is a nice guy and really knows how to work with people. He has a great sense of humor and makes you feel at ease. After 5 months with Greg and at 66 I've never felt better. He has changed my boring reutine to a fun one with a different workout everytime. He knows when to push and when to let up.

I've had amazing results with Greg, losing 3 inches in the waist, no more love handles, and feel so much better. As far as my golf game, I now can make a full swing, hit the ball further and have the stamina to walk 18 holes. 

Greg is a great trainer with your best interests in mind.

Rick Tingley


I started training with you in 2006. At that point, I was going through a difficult time in my life. You helped me focus my energies on becoming healthier and happier with my body. It worked! You helped me get in my best shape since college! I had a great time training with you. Your style was motivitating and encouraging, and you always kept the workouts fun, challenging and stimulating. I certainly didn't think for a moment at age 47, having never been a runner before I would make that a hobbie but I did. I became more fit, mentally and physically because of your direction and dedication. 

After 6 months, I moved and unfortunately we parted company. It wasn't the same without you. Fast forward 5 years I came back and lucky me we were able to train together again. The spark came back right way. I was immediately motivated again and I loved the transformation in my body, my confidence and fitness. I am so happy with my new self! I enjoy the challenge each time we work out. We constantly reach new levels. Thanks Greg! I am grateful to be working with a truly professional trainer, but glad to consider you a friend. Anyone who trains with you is going to be better and a happier person! All the best,

Elizabeth Lenz


I have been training with Greg on and off since 2006. I go to him because of my comfort level and when ever I just need a kick in the butt. He's a great motivator and pushes me to the right limit. I get great results with just 30 minute sessions.

Amy Rich

Greg’s kickboxing workouts are AWESOME! It’s never a dull moment when training with Greg... You will see fast results!! He’s an amazing trainer... 💪🏼😊🤛🏼

Gina Chavira

Greg whooped my butt into shape after having my two boys! Before that I was afraid of going to a gym and having a trainer. I met Greg at Snap fitness and felt comfortable with him right away. I lost 26 lbs and inches off my body. Every session is interesting and he motivates me so much. The kickboxing is so fun and exhilarating. Thanks Greg for helping me to transform myself and giving me the confidence I can do keep this going forward. I recommend training with Greg 100%

Nicki Dembs


I have been a client of Greg's since 2012 and I have really enjoyed my training sessions with him. Now of course there are 

those sessions that are extra tough (and Greg has a special name for those days) 😉 but with Greg’s knowledge, encouragement, support, preparation and stubbornness I get through it and I am so happy and proud of myself when I’m done. Sometimes I can hardly believe I made it through to the end of the session and did what I just did. It's a great feeling!

Before that I was nearing 60 and that stinking gravity issue was happening and I was wondering if it was worth it. I've always been hard on myself and didn't always feel great about myself. But I am in darn good shape and I have Greg to thank for that. Working out is not easy but Greg sure makes the workouts fun. I've gotten the rewards of strength, muscle tone, endurance and feel the accomplishments.

Somedays Greg knows when I may just need a good laugh to get me going. If you are looking for a change and a new direction in your workout you will not be disappointed.

I am glad to have Greg as my trainer and my friend.

Sandy Glazebrook

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